About Refuge

My wife and I have been ministers at Abundant Life Ministries, in Holbrook NY for over 10 years. On July 4, 2012 we joined together as one in marriage and purposed in our hearts that we would seek the Kingdom of God above all else, we would live righteously, and prayed that God would supply us with everything we needed (Matthew 6:33). Shortly after he did just that, he blessed us with 3 beautiful kids Aiden, Ethan and Ava.
Ever since we commissioned ourselves to put God first and to live for His kingdom purpose, all that we’ve hoped and prayed for has come to pass. It was only a year ago in 2016, when my wife and I said to God, “you’ve given us so much, what can we do for you?” From that simple prayer birthed what we know now as, REFUGE.

Who We Are:

REFUGE is a place where word and worship meet and where faith can be Reaffirmed.”

It is a place where the broken and hurt can find Restoration and Reconciliation.”



At REFUGE, there is a place for everyone and all are welcome to come experience Word, Worship, and Relationship every Friday night at 7:00pm.


We would love to hear from you! Contact us or follow us on social media.

Friday Nights at 7PM

440 Furrow Road, Holbrook, NY 11755


You can email us at info@refugeli.org